doggie daycare at DHU

Does your dog love playing? Could your pup learn confidence or doggie manners through more socialization with other dogs? Does your dog have too much energy to stay home alone all day, every day? Do you want the peace of mind that your best friend is safe and sound while you’re at work? Is your dog anxious when left home all alone? Doggie daycare at Dog Haus University could be just what you need! Our two downtown locations are ideally located close to work and home.

We appreciate that each dog coming through our doors has a unique personality and can benefit in different ways from daycare. Our caretakers are skilled at interpreting dog behaviors and body language. Dogs may transition between playgroups as their behaviors and play styles change during the day and throughout life. We are adept at understanding interactions between dogs and redirecting attention to avoid negative encounters. We use positive reinforcement to encourage safe and fun play. To make sure your pups stay healthy, our staff are trained in CPR for dogs and basic first aid.

Your First Day

On your pup’s first day in daycare, we ask that you arrive before 7 am. This lets your dog become familiar with the staff and the space before most of their new best friends arrive. Please keep your dog on a leash while we greet you at the front desk and collect any paperwork you haven’t yet provided (such as evidence of current vaccinations, negative fecal exam, and new client form). You’ll have time to ask questions and clarify specific instructions about food, medications, or other issues. Please bring food from home if you would like your dog to eat a lunch.

Then, you can say goodbye and we’ll bring your dog back to one of our play areas that is appropriate for their energy level. Most of the day your pup will be allow to roam and play in a large enclosed space, constantly monitored by caregivers. Your dog will have at least one rest period in a portable kennel that is in view of employees. Play time is also punctuated by multiple short trips to a fenced area outside for relief. This schedule allows dogs to actively socialize with people and other dogs without becoming overstimulated.

At the end of the day, we’ll talk with you about how your dog’s first day went and again answer any questions you might have.

Daycare Reservations

Existing Customers – log into our reservation system to access your account, make new reservation requests, and purchase packages for discounts off the daily daycare rate.

New Customers – complete the online registration. You’ll be asked for contact information and details about your dog(s). You can optionally store credit card information in your account; this allows faster check-out at the end of the day. Once your account is created, you can make new reservation requests.

If you would prefer to receive scheduling confirmation right away, feel free to call us, email, or make future reservations with us the next time you pick-up your dog from daycare.

Please note that due to limited availability, reservations made online are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email.


Day Rate
8 day package
16 day package

$264 ($33/day)
$496 ($31/day)

Discounts are available for multiple dogs; please call or email for more information. 

The purchase of a package does not secure daycare reservations. If you have questions about daycare availability, please inquire with staff before purchasing a package. All packages expire 180 days after purchase. Any visits not used within 180 days of purchase will be lost after expiration. Packages are non-refundable.

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