Do you need a trusted provider to care for your pup while you’re away? Overnight boarding is now available at Dog Haus University! We understand that being away from your pup overnight can be nerve-wracking, so we do our best to make it easy on both of you.

Our Approach

We believe many dogs are happiest when they have the chance to socialize with people and other dogs and/or have ample opportunities for exercise and mental activity. This belief leads us to take a daycare-oriented approach to boarding. If your pup has been to one of our daycare locations at least 2 or 3 times, and we think your dog does well in group play, your dog will be invited into group play in small groups with an attendant, as they do in a typical daycare day. With an active day, the overall boarding experience is as fun as possible for your pup and they are more likely to sleep soundly through the night. As an added bonus, some of our staff works at multiple locations, so a dog used to one of our daycares should see some familiar faces. Group play is included in the price of boarding until 11 am on the day of pick-up.

We also believe that not all dogs thrive in group play settings. For this reason, we are also happy to offer overnight care for dogs who haven’t attended one of our daycares. These dogs will not be invited into group play for everyone’s safety, as we carefully plan our playgroups based on what we already know about each dog. Dogs who don’t participate in group play during their boarding stay will be taken outside multiple times throughout the day for relief. Those staying in any of our Suites will have individual activity or cuddle sessions with one of our dedicated caretakers. Dogs staying in Private Dorms can receive individual activity or cuddle time for an additional fee.

Our Facility

Our boarding suites consist of solid side panels with glass doors, and none of them face each other. This means we can easily observe your dog, and your dog won’t be upset by seeing other dogs in adjacent suites.

We built our boarding suites and playrooms using anti-microbial surfaces and flooring, which are kept clean throughout the day.

Each suite comes with an elevated bed and fleece blanket. Cushioned floor mats are also available for older dogs. You can bring a toy or two with you, or borrow one of ours. We play calming music in the kennel rooms to maintain a tranquil environment.

Our fenced 2200 sq ft outdoor area is divided into multiple play yards. We designed this area for maximum drainage and covered it with artificial turf for a durable, natural appearance that is soft on dogs’ paws.

Our facility is equipped with a state-of-the art security system, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. Our staff is trained in pet first aid and is ready to administer any medications your dog may need during its stay.

Preparing for Your Dog’s Overnight Stay

Whenever possible, customers are encouraged to try a single night of boarding before committing to any lengthy stays. When you arrive, we ask that you make sure you have a few extra minutes to discuss your dog’s health and behavioral history with us.

Please bring food from home in meal-sized portions. We don’t have room to store large quantities of food beyond what is needed for the stay, but you may consider making portions a little larger than normal if your pup isn’t used to much daily activity and will be attending daycare. If you forget to bring food from home, we have veterinarian-recommended bland dry food available.

You are welcome to bring a small toy, stuffed animal, or old t-shirt for your dog to make their time more enjoyable. All items should be clearly labeled with your dog’s name. Please note that some dogs chew or tear items more often in a boarding facility; any item left with your dog is likely to be returned with significant wear/damage. Large items, items that cannot be washed or sanitized, and items that may be choking hazards should be left at home.

Dogs picked up between 11 am and 3 pm will incur a late pick-up fee of $17; dogs picked up between 3 pm and 6:30 pm will incur a late pick-up fee of $34. Please call to schedule late pick-ups because pick-ups outside our lobby hours are by appointment only and may be subject to staff availability.

Overnight Reservations

Existing Customers – log into our reservation system to access your account and make new reservation requests.

New Customers – complete the online registration. You’ll be asked for contact information and details about your dog(s). You can optionally store credit card information in your account; this allows deposits to be placed to secure your reservations. Alternative methods of deposits can be arranged by calling. Once your account is created, you can make new reservation requests.

For all customers, please note that a request does not guarantee a reservation. All requests will be reviewed by a staff member who will confirm the reservation if we have availability. If you prefer to receive scheduling confirmation right away, feel free to call us to make your reservations by phone.



Private Dorm - $50/night, non-refundable

Private Suite -
$65/night, includes group play if eligible or individual activity if not

Large Suite -
$70/night, includes group play if eligible or individual activity if not

Grand Suite -
$75/night, includes group play if eligible or individual activity if not

Multiple Dogs

A second dog from the same household receives a 5% discount (applied as 2.5% per dog). There is no additional discount for shared accommodations.

Peak Attendance

A $10/night surcharge applies on the following nights in 2024: 5/24-5/27, 7/3-7/6, 8/30-9/2, 11/27-11/30, 12/21-1/1/25

Optional Extracurriculars

Optional Extracurriculars such as treats and activities are available. Ask for options and prices when making reservations or during check-in.

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