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follow us to see your pup in action!

two convenient downtown locations

Don’t get stuck sitting on the Beltline! With two locations bracketing the capital, there’s no need to leave town to get a full service daycare experience. Visit our daycare and grooming pages for info on what to expect during your visit!

Our Park St. location features four separate play areas, an enclosed outdoor dog run, and a full grooming suite.

Available Services

Daycare – $34/day
Baths – $25-$40 depending on size 
Nail Trims – $15 clipped – $20 dremeled

Our Johnson St. location features two separate play areas, an enclosed outdoor dog run, and bathing facilities.

Available Services

Daycare – $34/day
Baths – $25-$40 depending on size 
Nail Trims – $15 clipped – $20 dremeled

Monday - Friday 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed


Our daycare offers a place for dogs to play in a supervised and clean indoor setting. We  provide opportunities for exercise, socialization, and rest. Dogs who are anxious while owners are away are surrounded by trained caretakers who reduce their stress level. Dogs who tend to get bored and destructive when left home alone are given plenty of stimulation and options for play. Your pup will come home contented and relaxed, ready to enjoy an evening at home.

On your pup’s first day in daycare, we ask that you arrive before 7 am with your dog on a leash. Please bring with you any paperwork you haven’t yet provided (such as evidence of current vaccinations, negative fecal exam, and new client form) and food if you would like your dog to eat a lunch. After pick-up, it’s normal for your dog to be either extra excited or more tired than usual after having so much fun. You can read more about the first day here.

Yes, each of our locations has a fenced outdoor area. We bring dogs outside several times a day for relief.

All dogs in our care get time in our fenced outdoor area throughout the day to encourage as much outdoor relief as possible. However, dogs in daycare will see other dogs’ behavior and may decide to follow suit. At times, this means  relieving themselves inside. Luckily, dogs quickly learn to distinguish between correct behaviors in different environments. To your dog, the daycare will be very different from your home in the way it looks, smells, and sounds. Housetrained dogs should have no problem remembering not to relieve themselves inside your home. Also, you can rest assured that we clean up messes immediately – we want our workplace to be tidy and healthy!

Yes, we would love to talk to you about our facilities! You are welcome to stop by anytime. If you would like to ask questions, we ask that you call first to make sure someone will be available to give you their full attention.

At this time Dog Haus University does not offer overnight boarding. However, many of our employees are happy to provide overnight care for dogs, cats, and other pets in their homes or in yours. This is a separate service that is not billed or run through DHU. Feel free to reach out to our employees to set up an appointment directly with them.

Puppies are awesome, and we love to help them make new friends! We pay close attention to puppies’ distinct needs, but even with our close care, puppies ought to be at least 10 weeks old before attending daycare.

For dogs under 6 months old we require Bordetella vaccination and an initial
DHPP/DAPP vaccination (which must occur after the age of 6 weeks). We also require a negative fecal result and at least 1 round of deworming before their first day in daycare. Rabies vaccination must be completed by 16 weeks of age. Leptospirosis vaccination is not required until the age of 6 months, but your vet may be able to provide a combination DHPP/leptospirosis vaccination to reduce the number of shots your puppy receives.

Yes, for all dogs over 6 months old we require current rabies, DHPP/DAPP, leptospirosis and bordetella vaccinations. In addition, we require annual fecal exams; if the results show parasites your dog should be dewormed and have a negative fecal result prior to returning to daycare. We recommend, but do not require, vaccination for Canine Influenza Virus (CIV).


If your dog cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, we will consider waiving requirements on a case-by-case basis. Please give us a letter from your veterinarian describing the reason why.


For dogs under 6 months old, please see our requirements for puppies.

By default, we require that all dogs be spayed or neutered by 9 months old. However, we know veterinarians’ recommendations for the age of spaying/neutering can vary based on breed, size, and gender of dog. While most dogs should be spayed or neutered between 6-9 months old, we are happy to consider written recommendations made by your veterinarian regarding the timing of your dog’s surgery on a case-by-case basis.
Decisions to delay desexing will also be subject to good playgroup behavior by your dog and other daycare guests.

If your dog shows symptoms of kennel cough (sneezing, coughing, being extra tired, or experiencing nasal discharge), please keep your dog at home for rest. If your vet has diagnosed kennel cough, please keep your dog at home for approximately 7 days. We want all of our daycare guests to have fun, and playing isn’t much fun when you’re feeling sick!

Absolutely, it’s part of our commitment to keeping our guests healthy! We administer oral or topical medications free of charge. We do not administer injections at this time.

Scratches and small cuts do occur from time to time during normal healthy play, particularly with more active and energetic dogs.  Our staff is trained to provide basic first aid as necessary and will alert you if your dog suffers a minor injury.  Although exceptionally rare, in the event of a more serious injury requiring urgent or emergency care we will immediately notify you to help direct care.  If you or your emergency contact is unavailable we will direct care as we would with our own dogs.  

If you’ve never been to Dog Haus University before, you’ll need to create a new account. Then, call or email us to create your first reservation. After the first day, you can continue making reservations by phone, email, in person, or by making requests in your online account.


Anyone with an existing account can make reservation requests online. Under Quick Actions, click Request Services. Then, select the location you would like, the type (full day daycare), and which of your dogs will be joining us. Select the first day you would like to reserve as the Start Date. There is no need to change the hours – these are set by default as the open and closing time. If you would like to make recurring reservations, you can do that as well. Then, click Save to request the dates. Your request will be reviewed by a staff member and you will receive an email confirming your request or rejecting it if the daycare is already at capacity.

We unfortunately are no longer offering  a discounted half day price, but you are welcome to pickup your pup at anytime!

We wish you could, because it’s so much fun! Our first priority is keeping the dogs and our staff safe, which means we can’t allow guests to play with the dogs. You can see many of our adorable pups on facebook though!

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